Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cadence Encounter SEGV on start faults cured III

It is the fonts. I had similar segv crashes using X on windows without the fixed and misc fonts installed. Seems Cadence likes its traditional X client setup. Now I just need to diagnose what font packages I haven't installed / installed in the wrong places.


  1. Thanks so much!
    I've been trying to overcome the SEGV errors for a whole week. Installing the missing fonts on my NX-Client cured them. Strange thing is that SoC Encounter did work for a couple of times without the fonts, then started crashing.

  2. I've exactly the same problem with Fedora 11 and SoC Encounter 8.1 32 bit.
    sotiris, can you tell us installing (exactly) which font package solved this?
    thanks in advance