Friday, 12 September 2008

Are you and academic and thinking of buying a Xilinx development kit?

Then I can't plug Digilent enough. They have two very large FPGA boards available for very keen prices. The first is the Xilinx XUP, which is a XC2VP30 Virtex 2 Pro with 2 405PPC cores. This board supports DDR and is a great way to get started with prototyping Gaisler SoC designs. The excellent academic price is only $299! One word of warning: this board doesn't have true SATA ports depite there being connectors and labels saying SATA. They are high speed digital data links that are SATA like but are SATA non-standard and cannot connect to a SATA HDD. No out of band signals.

The second is an uprated ML505. This is identical to the standard Xilinx ML505, but it has a much larger FPGA on it (XC5VLX110T) and comes with a JTAG programmer. The ML505 from Xilinx doesn't. Total price $750.

I have hunted about and the prices here end up hundreds of pounds less than full commercial prices. In the case of the ML505 it is about £300.

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  1. I second your recommendation of Digilent development boards. They are perfect for all levels of academic work, and they exploit most features of the FPGA they employ.

    For tutorials on using the XUPV2P, try Virtex-II Pro Resource.

    For tutorials on using the ML505, try Virtex-5 Resource.