Wednesday, 3 February 2016

I have an honorable mention in the paper "Measurement scheme and analysis for weak ground state hyper fine transition moments through two-pathway coherent control"

Figure 7 from the paper showing the R.F. resonances in the cavity
This is a very interesting subject considerably outside my normal "comfort zone" but has led to some very interesting experimental work. My only participation is strictly on the experimental side - the theory is all the work of Mr. Choi, Prof. Elliott and the scientists before them.

Here is an "explain it like I am 16 attempt": The basic thrust of the work is to present a possible experimental apparatus to look at a property of cesium nuclei to measure an oddity that doesn't fit the main models of physics at the moment. In fact the behavior that has been measured is contradicted by other theories and absent from other experiments.

Nothing like resolving a contradiction. So some really nice fundamental stuff!

Link to the paper on The paper should be published in Physical Review A soon.

The authors are Jungu Choi and Prof. Daniel S. Elliott.