Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Installing Synopsys Synthesis and IC Compiler in the same directory

These are also known as syn and icc and include the all important executables and libraries to run dc_shell and icc_shell. These are part of the Galaxy platform. Synthesis provides tools for turning HDL into PDK specific netlists and IC Compiler for place and routing.

You can install Synthesis and IC Compiler for different operating systems into the same directory
  • As they are part of the same system (Galaxy) they can be installed into the same directory to save space and simplify installations scripts.
  • Be sure to get the same release and service pack from EST into the same directory.
  • Retrieve the common files and all the OS/Architecture specific parts you want (for example linux and amd64)
  • Run the installer on the directory and you will be able to select syn and icc and subsequently the architecture specific versions.
Hope this helps keep things simple.

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