Friday, 20 June 2008

Trouble with the ML403...

Heh, should have realised it wouldn't be that easy...

Basically the ML403 differs from the ML401 & 2 by the fact that they both their Virtex-4's have 8 DCMs as opposed the 403's 4, and the LEON3 core with a DDR controller (necessary for the built in DDR memory) needs 5. It took a surprisingly long time for me to realise that's what the error message meant. Still today has been quite productive with a lot of lessons learnt.

Another lesson is that Xilinx ISE on windows will rebuild a Xilinx ISE on linux project, meaning the 20 minutes I took building and routing the first design came to nothing, as the windows machine proceeded to take about 60 minutes to perform the same task.

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  1. Hello Professor,
    I'm a student trying to implement Leon3 on ML403. And, interestingly I encountered similar errors as you posted on your blog. So, if you do not mind, could you help me with the implementation? I'm facing certain problems, and unfortunately I'm running out of ideas.
    Thanks in advance!