Wednesday, 17 March 2010

EWME2010 and Synopsys' EDK

Firstly EWME 2010 is coming in May. It is the European Workshop on Microelectronic Education which along with its sister conference in the USA, Microelectronic Systems Education (MSE), is pretty much unique in the world.

If you need help or advice on starting a programme at your institution then this is a great opportunity to meet a very cohesive, dedicated group of educators.

EWME and MSE are characterised by fair and honest discussions on the challenges and tools available to educators in this sphere, along with a showcase of our best student projects and modules. Papers detail how to run the course administratively as well as the practical aspects. We also get a few vendors who are always pleased to get you into contact with the appropriate University Programmes.

Secondly the Synopsys 90nm EDK and our experiences with it. We have been users of this EDK for about a year now and it forms a great basis for working with our students. Partially because of the established notes and curriculum resources make it very quick to get off the ground with several complex areas. Compared to the IDESA Advanced Digital Physical Implementation Flow course which promotes the TSMC 90nm deisgn kit this one is far more student friendly with a lower startup cost (it also doesn't require attendance to get the notes and access to the labs). [However for research the IDESA course is a fantastic introduction to 90nm and below.]

See you at EWME 2010 in Darmstadt!

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