Friday, 27 June 2008

MSc Projects offered...

I have offered the following MSc projects:

  1. Remove the LEON3 core and substitute an OpenSPARC (possibly the single core, wishbone compatible variant).
  2. Build a SATA controller
  3. Explore the LEON3 GRLIB design space on ASIC and FPGA (i.e. how fast, how big, etc)
  4. Build an AHB parallel port (high speed, of course. Maybe a bit of a ram buffer?)
  5. Enable the Xilinx-XUP board's CF card to program the FPGA, install a boot loader and boot linux.
They are all different vairants of tricky, with 5 probably a real problem in disguise. I think it would be best for the boot loader to be part of the FPGA (i.e. a 1k ROM or similar) to boot off the CF card.

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